An Overall Introduction on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1997 -

I. A brief Outline of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam:
founded in 1963 in Hanoi, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam, originally named Chamber of Commerce of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam , serves the promotion of trade between Vietnam andthe rest of the world. With only 93 member organisations at the foundation convention, the Chamber has undergone several phases of evolution relating to different periods of Vietnam's history. During the years of war, the Chamber actively concentrated its activities tomaintain trade relations between Vietnam and certain countries and territories in response to the export - import demand of the country. After the war , the Chamber expanded its activities all over the country, established relations with more and more countries in the world and involved in its fold an increasing number of economic entities . In 1982 the Chamber renamed itself the Chamber of Commerceand Industry of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam so as to widen itsscope of operation to manufacturing fields. Since the "opening up" of Vietnam the Chamber has embarked on a new phase of fast development inits own history. Through its activities both in Vietnam and abroad , the Chamber has actively contributed to the renovation of the countryplaying a significant role in the economic growth of the nation.
Main Activities
Assisting overseas delegations
Trade Investment Missions
Trade fairs, Exhibitions and Advertisement
Trade Information
Certificate of Origin
Seminars and Talks
Training Courses
Consultancy Srevices
Patent and Trade Mark Agent
Community Development
Rights and Obligations Of VCCI associated Members
How to apply for VCCI
Application form
Attached organisations
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam
Address of the head office and branchs of VCCI in Vietnam
Address of representative offices abroad
The status of VCCI:
The statutes of VCCI is regulated by a document issued in conjunction with Decision #203/TTG dated 27th April 1993 of the Prime Minister of the Government, which consists of 30 Articles regarding:
General Provision
functions and Tasks
final Provisions